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Bolton Aerospace has a rich history and has been known by a number of names over the years. Before 2007, the company was known as Cerro Manganese Bronze Limited and prior to 1998 as Delta (Manganese Bronze) Limited. It has operated from the Ipswich site for nearly 100 years.

For many years Bolton Aerospace Limited has specialised in the production of high strength and corrosion resistant brasses and bronzes and due to continuous research and investment has maintained pre-eminence in this field.  The exercise of quality control at all stages of manufacture is designed to ensure production of material to the highest metallurgical standards.

A wide range of copper based alloys are produced in the form of:-

  • Cast billet
  • Continuously cast rod
  • Rectangles and hollows
  • Wrought rod
  • Bar
  • Section
  • Hollows
  • Forging and proof machined products

Material analysis is maintained using modern X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, ensuring repeatability of product.

A range of mechanical tests are available to ensure material meets the required properties, including Tensile, Hardness and Impact testing equipment.

Where required, Material can be tested ultrasonically to comply with international or customer requirements.

The company has held recognised third party approvals since 1992. This now takes the form of AS9100 Rev C. A large range of customer approvals are also held. Most aerospace and defence end users utilise our product, as do many other major companies in other sectors such as petrochemicals and construction.