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The UK Government funded a factory to produce extruded copper-zinc products for munitions and the Manganese Bronze & Brass Co. Ltd accepted responsibility for overseeing production at Ipswich.
The factory for wrought copper alloys was fully operational with rolling and extrusion facilities under the ownership of The Manganese Bronze & Brass Co.Ltd. It was one of the first company’s in the world to extrude aluminium bronze and other copper based alloys.
The London based company, situated on the Thames, produced four of the largest propellers ever made for vessel #534, The Queen Mary.
Extrusion and rolling of special alloys commence at Ipswich.
From the 1st of January, the company name was shortened to Manganese Bronze Ltd.
The company was converted into a holding company called Manganese Bronze Holdings Ltd. Two subsidiaries were then subsequently established. Manganese Bronze Ltd to hold the wrought metals and a sintered materials division, both of which were based in Ipswich.
The sale of the Wrought Metal Division, group research laboratory and Sintered Materials Division was made to Delta Metal co. The company then traded under the name of Delta Manganese Bronze Ltd.
Company purchased by The Marmon Group. An American privately owned business and traded under the name of Cerro Manganese Bronze Ltd.
Company purchased by the Bolton Metals Group and re-named Bolton Manganese Bronze Ltd.
Company name changed to Bolton Aerospace Ltd.